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Mobivie network

The Mobivie network serves 6 municipalities of the Urban Community of Vichy Val d'Allier, 55 000 inhabitants. Mobivie is:

  • 8 bus lines
  • School reinforcements and services on Sundays and bank holidays
  • An on-demand service with custom Mobivie

Nos services



Created in 2004, Mobival, the On-Demand Transport service of Vichy Val d'Allier experienced in September 2006, a true development. With 23 municipalities served now by 10 direct lines with four round trip services per day, the ability to travel from the urban core (Vichy Cusset Bellerive and Abrest) to rural towns, the number of adherents and of trips continues to grow.

With already thousands of trips and 700 members, Mobival proven and has become an indispensable service for its users, for recreation, for travel to medical appointments or other ...

The Mobival fare also remains unchanged. It is always 2 € per journey (€ 4 for a round trip). New memberships are recorded at the Hotel d'agglomeration (or mail for those who can not move). Membership is free and compulsory. And to travel with Mobival, always book the trip (Monday to Friday) at the latest 17h the eve of his trip.


To become a user of Mobival, it is mandatory to join. It's free ! Simply fill out the membership form available at the Hotel d'agglomeration (it can be sent by mail to potential members who can not move), and attach a recent photo.


To travel, participants must call the number +33810246246 (local call price) from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5pm. An operator will register reservations. Warning: reservations the day before (up to 5pm) for a trip the next day.


The day of travel (Monday to Saturday - excluding bank holidays), the member goes to the requested Mobival stop and a taxi craftsman (service provider for VVA) take the member in charge to its destination. Simple as Mobival!

Custom MobiVie

Custom MobiVie

What is it?

Custom MobiVie is a new on-demand service offered in addition to regular bus lines.

How it works?

For who?

All inhabitants of the towns of Abrest, Creuzier le Vieux and Hauterive, whatever their address. Some streets and Bellerevie Cusset are also served.

From where?

A car picks you up at home.

To where?

For each town, a list of specific destinations is proposed:

  • the usually busiest places in town: town hall, cultural center, shops ...
  • connection stops with the regular lines of the MobiVie network

This service is valid for your return home.


The Custom MobiVie service operates Monday to Saturday on specific time slots for each town.


To use the custom MobiVie service, you first need to book your trip by calling +33 810 00 86 62 from a hostess who takes your order.

  • Reservations can be anticipated (eg one week in advance). However, you can reserve up to 6pm (5pm on Friday) for the morning of the day after and 11.30 am for the afternoon.
  • To travel on Monday, booking is possible until Friday 5pm.
  • One call allows you to anticipate regular trips (eg I travel on Tuesdays or I travel Monday to Friday).
What time the vehicle will pick me?

Depending on the arrival time you want in the time slots of operation of the service, the hostess will propose a pick-up time. This schedule will be calculated from an optimized route according to the other travelers trips booked. The schedule that will communicate the hostess can be shifted by plus or minus 10 minutes compared to the desired time.

How to recognize the vehicle?

According to transit schedules, different vehicles will pick you up:

  • a minibus
  • a light vehicle, like taxi, Custom MobiVie coloured.
How much does it cost?

All tickets of the network are valid on MobiVue and Custom MobiVie. They also allow connections from one service to another.

En savoir plus


All the fares of the Mobivie network of the urban area of Vichy (single ticket, day ticket, 10-trips ticket and counting, subscriptions and specific tickets) are available on the MOBIVIE website


Le Kiosque Mobivie
Place Charles de Gaulle, Vichy, France

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