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Trans'Dôme network

Created by the Puy-de-Dôme Department Council, it allows the public to move in non-urban areas through 64 regular bus routes serving 246 cities of the Puy-de-Dome with a 3€ single tariff and a 45€ monthly subscription.

Nos services

Grand public Pass

Grand public Pass

Opening school transport to the public, expand the supply of public transport

Alongside its efforts to improve and maintain the road network, the Puy-de-Dôme Department Council has the will to develop public transport on the departmental territory.


The stakes are both economic, social and environmental. This is primarily to improve the Puydômois' quality of life by offering fast and safe means of transport, at an attractive price.
In this context, the Department Council, organizer and main funder of school transport, wants to expand the supply of transport by offering to open the "school transport" specific lines to the public in order to improve access to secondary urban centers of the department.

Pass benefits during public testing

It allows you to travel freely on all existing school lines without diversion of the route, nor creating new stops or schedule change.


the single ticket is 2€.

the monthly fee is 45€.


MobiPlus is a plan proposed by the Department Council to facilitate the movement of people living in rural areas. In the form of a checkbook, it is complementary to Bus des Montagnes and the Transdôme network.

Practical help to move in the Department

Essential asset for the independence of the elderly and unemployed, mobility helps to effectively fight against isolation and exclusion of the most vulnerable people.

Experienced since 2005 by the Puy-de-Dôme Department Council, the transport system MobiPlus attempts to provide a simple and united answer to your basic travel needs to go to the market or to the doctor, to go shopping ...

To perform an integration approach, training or job search: MobiPlus is for you!

You are 75 and over, or you are a beneficiary of the RSA - if not accompanied by a local mission, the chéquier mobilité allows you to go cheaply at the place of your choice.

Simply give one or more of the 25 checks book the taxi driver, the bus Mountains or public transit you borrow on Transdôme network, unless you have chosen to rent a two-wheeler.

What's the use of that?

With MobiPlus, the Chèque Mobilité is a little help in your daily trips, personal or professional:

  • Aged 75 or over: you can use the Chèques Mobilité to pay the taxi partner of the Mobiplus plan, the Transdôme network transporter or also the Bus des Montagnes.
  • Job-seeker, in an occupational integration, RSA recipient or young person accompanied by the mission locale: You can use the Chèques Mobilité to pay taxi or a Mobiplus motorbike rental company partner or a Transdôme network transporter (if you're not holder of a free card).
  • RSA socle recipient:
    Get in touch with your social worker.
  • Aged 26 or under:
    Check with your mission locale.
  • Jobseeker:
    Apply to the Pôle Emploi.


Direction de la solidarité pour les personnes âgées : Phone: 04 73 42 24 60

Service Insertion, Martine De Oliveira, Phone: 04 73 42 20 90

Direction de la Mobilité, Hélene Carlat, Phone: 04 73 42 49 72

Bus des montagnes

Bus des montagnes

On-demand transport

The Puy-de-Dôme department is a relatively rural department consists of many areas of isolated dwellings. To enable the most distant populations to move more easily, the Puy-de-Dôme Department Council decided several years ago to complete its public transport offer (based on 21 operators and 64 regular bus lines) by a on-demand transportation service. The Puy-de-Dôme department is the first French department to have an on-demand transport service: the "Bus des montagnes." The first was opened in 1984 in the St-Amant-Roche-Savine canton.


The set-up process for the Bus des montagnes implementation was the same for each new route: a survey was conducted to assess the needs and determine the frequency of future courses and possible destinations. The management of travel requests and organization of the carriers are made at the cantonal level. The Department Council provides on his side the logistical support during the implementation of the service and financial support for the operation.


The Bus des montagnes is a real sustainable development approach:

  • on the social side, it is for rural people a way to break isolation,
  • from an economic point of view, the system attracts customers to the department's markets and town centers,
  • finally, this service has a largely positive balance compared to public transport lines that render similar services. It emits less greenhouse gases responsible for climate change and pollutants harmful for health than conventional public transit. It also allows for some households to avoid purchasing a car.

Useful contacts

Les lignes du Bus des Montagnes ainsi que le contact des structures compétentes:

The Bus des Montagnes routes and appropriate structures' contacts:

En savoir plus


All age individual ticket

3 € (or 6 € one-way/ return)

School and student fares

Half-board school

142 €/year (or 14,20 €/month)

School boarders

  • 2 trips a week: 28,40€/year.
  • 4 trips a week: 56,80€/year.

Half-boarders students

Monthly card for 28,40€.

Resident students

  • 2 trips a week: 56,80€/year
  • 4 trips a week: 113,60/year


Apply to the transporter responsible for your line.

Helped tariffs

For the RSA recipients & young people monitored by a mission locale (16/25 y.o.). 6-months valid free card and renewable as the situation carries on.


Contact the Service Insertion du Conseil général on the +33 4 73 42 12 85

All age subscription travelcard

45€ monthly card, valid on any Transdôme line of your choice, accessible for everybody.


Check with the carrier.

Passe-vert card

45€ monthly card valid only for Malintrat inhabitants, it allows to ride on the Transdôme network and the T2C urban network (tramway included).

  • School passe-vert cost: 14,20 €/month.
  • Student passe-vert cost: 26,30 €/month.

Points of sale

Malintrat town council: Phone: +33 4 73 61 21 15


Puy-de-Dôme Department Council
  • Direction de la Mobilité
  • 24 rue Saint-Esprit
  • 63033 Clermont-Ferrand cedex 1, France