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Transport On demand

Transport à la demande

To improve the public transport service in suburban and rural areas of Auvergne Mobilité partners have established On-Demand Transport services. These services are enabled after booking and subject to conditions.

Car pooling

Choose the nearest carpooling service from you:

Find also the carpooling options in your journey planning search !



parcs relais région centre

You are a person with limited mobility?

Getting around in Auvergne on the following networks:

Accessibility on the Transcab network (Aurillac)

Find all the information about accessibility on the partner's website:

Accessibility on the Cantal Lib' network (Cantal)

Students school transports concerning the MDPH

MDPH: What does it mean? What is it? What's the point?

MDPH as Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées (Department Service for Handicaped People).

It was born of law N° 2005-102 of 11 February 2005 for equal rights and opportunities.

It is responsible to accompany people with disabilities in their efforts.

Concerning the request to support school transport costs, the MDPH is the preferred intermediary for families.

Who can benefit from the support of school transport by the Department?

Students who have received a notification of transport support by the MDPH.

Where to find help?

To the MDPH, to get the support agreement.

To the Services des Transprots, for support arrangements.

What are the modalities of support?

According to Decree n°84-478 of 19 June 1984, the Departments are responsible for financing students transportation costs benefiting from an agreeement to the MDPH.

The Cantal Department Council offers different modes of transport according to the possibilities and indications made by the MDPH:

  • transportation by family or personal vehicle.
  • classic school routes,
  • regular lines,
  • city buses,
  • SNCF lines,
  • School circuits dedicated to students with disabilities.

Who pays what?

Transport supported by families is reimbursed at 0.16€ per kilometer, based on the number of trips made.

For the use of public transport (classical school routes, regular bus lines, city buses, railway lines), the family pays the subscription and present proof of payment to the Department Council for a full refund.

Fo the use of school circuits dedicated to students with disabilities, the County Council organizes that itself, and supports spending.

The Department Council spends more than 700 000 € each year to cater fo these spendings.

When does family refund occur?

Each end of quarter, the family sends to the Department Council a state of spendings with substantiating documents. The payment is so made by bank transfer after a file checking (payment in January, May and August)

Accessibility of the Haute Loire network

On-demand transportation to people with disabilities or dependence

Since 1 December 2008, the Haute-Loire Department Council sets up an on-demand transport to persons with disabilities. This new service comes as part of the departmental policy of the Department Council for people with disabilities or dependence and addresses real needs.

Served areas

To do this, the department is divided in 4 sectors. The transport operates from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.,

    • Area 1 : Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday
    • Area 2 : Monday - Thursday - Saturday
    • Area 3 : Monday - Wednesday - Saturday
    • Area 4 : Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

Download the sectors map of on-demand transport

This service allows people with disabilities or dependence, to move within its sector, to go inside the Puy en Velay urban community, as well as its sub- prefecture. It also allows to go to sporting or to cultural events, predefined on the entire department. Transportation is provided by suitable vehicles for up to 3 seats. The management and removal are carried out on the public domain at the point closest to the origin or destination.


From 1 September 2015, the fare is 4,50€ the ride, so 9€ return, whatever the ride is.


This service is open to people living outside the Puy-en-Velay urban community who are:

- holders of a carte d'invalidité delivered by the MDPH

- beneficiaries of the Prestation de Compensation du Handicap (PCH) paid by the Department Council

- beneficiaries of the Allocation Personnalisée à l'Autonomie (APA) paid by the Department Council


It is mandatory to book, at least before 11 a.m., the business day preceding the desired transport. Just call the Booking Service at the +33 between 9 a.m. and noon, each business day from Monday to Friday.

If your disability requires it, you can travel with your guide, who will be carried for free.

If you live within the PUY en VELAY urban community, a service is set up by this community. In this case, you must call the +33

Accessibility on the R'Cobus network (Riom)

Bus lines reservation

On-Demand bus lines (ODT)

They run by booking from Monday to Saturday

  • Line A : the line connects the North towns of the city (La Moutade - Le Cheix sur Morge – Cellule - Pessat Villeneuve) to Riom city center and to the SNCF train station
  • Line B : the line connects Malauzat and Saint Genes l’Enfant to regular lines 1 (Marsat) and 3 (Espace Mozac)

Il s’agit de points d’arrêt de montée et de descente fixes, avec des horaires fixes, comme une ligne de bus traditionnelle qui fonctionne du lundi au samedi toute la journée. La différence est que vous devez obligatoirement réserver le service au Point Info pour que le bus passe.

This is boarding and drop-off fixed stops with fixed schedules, as a traditional bus line that runs from Monday to Saturday all day. The difference is that you have to book the service at Point Info for the bus to serve the stop.

A paratransit service for people with reduced mobility (TPMR)

This is a door-to-door service that works on customer demand. The pick-up takes place outside the home (on the road) and drop-off the closer to the specified destination.

The service operates Monday to Saturday: 7:30 am to 19:00 and reservations are required. It is accessible to 80% disabled people and for people with temporary disabilities with a proof document. An accompanying person can be picked-up at the usual fare of a ticket.

How to book?

Booking can be made at:

  • the R’Cobus Point Info in the Riom SNCF train station
  • by phone at the +33 4 73 38 08 09 at Point Info opening hours

You must reserve your transportation at the latest the day before your trip before 18pm. If you wish to travel on a Monday, you need to book the service at the latest on Friday before 18pm.

Accessibility on the T2C network (Clermont-Ferrand)

Find all the informations on the partner's websiteé

Accessibility on the Aléo network (Moulins)

Find all the informations on the partner's website:

Accessibility on the TER network

Reception and support for people with reduced mobility

What is it?

TER Accès is an assistance service for people with disabilities who use the TER Auvergne network, proposed in stations that have an agent.

Funded by the Regional Council of Auvergne and deployed by SNCF TER Accès Service provides reception and support for disabled people to the entrance of the departure station to the exit of the station at the arrival.

The TER Accès service is entirely free.

Who is this service for?

People holding a card of:

- disability

- priority or vehicle parking

- reformed - war pensioner

People who present the station with their own wheelchair.

Which Auvergne train stations are covered by TER Accès?

Since 1 January 2010, 36 stations of Auvergne are equipped with the service « TER Accès ».


Commentry, Dompierre-Sept-Fons, Gannat, Montluçon, Moulins-sur-Allier, Saint-Germain-des-Fossés, Vallon, Vichy


Aurillac, Laroquebrou, Le Lioran, Massiac, Maurs, Murat, Neussargues, Saint-Flour-Chaudes-Aigues, Vic-sur-Cère


Arvant, Aurec, Bas-Monistrol, Brioude, Langeac, Le Puy, Retournac


Brassac-les-Mines, Clermont-Ferrand, Issoire, La Bourboule, Le Cendre-Orcet, Le Mont-Dore, Lezoux, Riom-Châtel-Guyon, Royat-Chamalières, Thiers, Vertaizon, Vic-le-Comte

How does this service work?

TER Accès is offered in each station of the Auvergne region, from the first to the last train. A taxi substitution is offered outside of the station opening times.

Before the trip

To receive this free assistance, you only have to book at least 48 hours before travel (for a trip on Tuesday, the reservation must be made on Saturday).

At the station

You are expected with your ticket 30 minutes before your train departure. The station agent informed of your arrival, helps you getting to your train and lead your to your seat.

On the train

The chief conductor, warned of your presence, ensures a well run of your trip proceedings.

Arriving in the station

An agent picks you up at your place and lead you to the point of rendezvous at the station. If you have a connection, the agent will accompany you aboard your next train.


The assistance service provides porting a 15kg maximum luggage. In addition, contact the home Baggage service at 3635.

How to benefit from it?

Traveling between two stations in Auvergne

Contact « Contact TER » Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 19h, Saturday from 10h to 17h:

- On the phone : +33 9 69 36 39 68 (standard fare number)

- By fax : +33 4 63 66 38 89

- On the internet : "contact us" section

You make an interregional travel

For interregional links (for example, Clermont-Ferrand / Paris), SNCF has developed nationwide the Accès+ service. The access terms are similar to those of TER Accès.

Contact « Accès Plus » :

- On the phone: +33 890 640 650 then dial 1 (0,11€/min)

- By e-mail:

- On the internet : "contact us" section

- In train station or SNCF shop, from a reseller

Having difficulties during the trip?

An Urgence Accessibilité line is available 7 days on 7, from 7 am to 10 pm:

- On the phone: +33 890 640 650 then dial 2 (0,11€/min)

- By SMS : +33 610 640 650 (standard fare number)

Accessibility on the TUDIP network (Puy en Velay)

Serving people with reduced mobility (PRM)

So that the city doesn't have to be a handicap, the Puy-en-Velay urban area Authority has implemented since 1 October 2001, on the 28 towns of the urban area Autority, an on-demand transport service, for people with reduced mobility.

Who can benefit from P.R.M. service?

Persons wishing to use the PRM service must request from the urban area Authority services to deliver an authorization by calling the +33 4 71 04 37 00.

How to book for a trip?

Bookings can be made Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.
At the latest the day before 12:00 pm.
For trips planned on Monday, they must be booked before 12:00 pm on Friday.


Which ticket?

All urban and community tickets are valid. On board the vehicle, only the unity ticket is issued to the driver.

The PRM service operates Monday to Saturday (7 am to 7 pm, hours of pick-up). There is no Sunday and holidays service.

What conditions of transportation?

An attendant can travel free with you. The pick-up takes place outside the home, to the place of destination. No support is provided within the private or public buildings. Drivers provide assistance to disabled people, only upon entry and seating in the vehicle.

A transport service which allows you to move safely and with maximum comfort.


A travel request must expressly provide for the hours of pick-up of both outward and return journey. The schedule adherence is essential for the service to function properly. Delays disrupt service and penalize other travelers.

Cancellation or modification of a ride?

To the extent that the user can not come for the requested and programmed trip, it is obliged to inform the service provider. If the ride is not canceled, the service will be charged to the customer.
Cancellations disrupt service: they must be exceptional.
The intended destination when booking can not be changed during the ride.  Stop will not be permitted to customer convenience during the trip.

Accessibility on the TUT network (Thiers)

Enjoy the on-demand TUT

Complementing the new lines of the TUT urban network, the Thiers-Peschadoires SIVU sets up on-demand transport lines for all inhabitants within the perimeter of urban transport. This service is accessible to people with reduced mobility. This specific service is set to serve the neighborhoods of Thiers Peschadoires or for which demand can not justify a regular bus line. You can use it regularly for outings: work, medical appointments, leisure, shopping ....

How it works?

There is no defined route and schedule. The minibus will pick you up at the your nearest stop and drops you off on 4 terminus stop in Thiers: Place Chastel, the train station, Espace Moutier (Pré de la Foire) and to the hospital, to offer a fast and direct course, fast and direct, with the time and day selected. You can view all stops offered on our TAD network map. All regular lines stops are offered in on-demand transport.

TAD service operating days

  • From Monday to Saturday throughout the year, except holidays
  • Hours: 9 am - 12 pm and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Price: 1,40 € the ride

This vehicle is specially designed for access to people in wheelchairs.

What should be done?

Il suffit de réserver votre transport au Numéro Vert 0 800 005 072 en indiquant votre besoin de déplacement (parcours, jour, heure). L’adhésion au service est gratuite. Vous pouvez réserver votre transport au plus tard la veille avant 17h00. L’opérateur téléphonique est à votre disposition du lundi au vendredi de 8h00 à 12h00 et de 14h00 à 18h00 et le samedi de 8h00 à 12h00. Il vous confirmera votre transport directement, en favorisant le regroupement des commandes.

Just book your transportation by calling the +33 800 005 072 hotline indicating your need to travel (route, day, hour). Subscribing the service is free. You can book your transportation at the latest the day before 5 pm. The telephone operator is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm. He will confirm your transportation directly, promoting the grouping of orders.


Show up at the agreed time at the stop. Beware, the bus does not wait for latecomers! An identified TAD TUT vehicle identified picks you up. Please note, boarding and drop-offs are performed only at TUT network stops at times set with the hostess. In case of cancelling your ride, you simply call the same number.

Relais Parking

There are Park-and-Ride car parks, allowing you to let your car then take public transport in many cities:

Clermont Communauté

Find the Park-and-Ride car parks on the T2C website

Bassin d’Aurillac metropolitan authority

Find the Park-and-Ride car parks on the CABA website

Vichy Val d'Allier

A Park-and-Ride car park was built at the Bellerive-sur-Allier tennis stadium (line C of the Mobivie network, Aquatics Stadium stop, to frequently connect the city center of Vichy, Vichy train station and Cusset). For more information, please consult the timetables of the line C of the MobiVie network.


Choose the bike rental service or the bike parking the closest to you

Bike parking in the Riom train station

abrisvélo riom

The Auvergne region, Riom Communauté and the SNCF, joined to allow TER users to park their bikes in a secure shelter, in Riom :

  • Opening triggered by the reading of the unikOpass or modePass card with a monthly or yearly valid TER subscription
  • Capacity : 40 bikes
  • Cost : 2 € per month

Bikes rental in Aurillac: Vélo'Cab

Vélo'Cab offers 50 bikes:

   - 45 classical city bikes with 7 gears

   - 5 folding bikes of about 11kg


Rental is opened to everyone from 16 yo. The client must come with an ID:

   - to the Trans' cab agency, 3 avenue Gambetta, from Monday afternoon to Saturday at noon, from 9:30 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 6 pm

   - to the Stabus offices, 8 rue Denis Papin, Monday to Friday at noon, from 8:30 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm


Downtown, parking hoops are set up outside the shop and in front of the Square garden, close to the Kiosque..

More informations on the STABUS website

Bikes rental in the Clermont urban area: C.velo

The SMTC of Clermont agglomeration offers you to discover C.vélo, the new bike rental service. With self-service or long term formulas, both simple, practical, ecological and economic C.vélo suits your needs so you can explore the city freely.

Self-service rental

C.vélo stations

Accessible 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d, the C.vélo service allows to borrow a bike from one station and return it in another. 22 stations are available, including 12 new stations since July 11, 2014.

The C.vélo self-service fares

Regular use

1 year subscription with the T2C Modepass card : 15€ the first free half hour for each use and then 1€ the next half hour

The amount of hours of bicycle use is on the prepaid Modepass card.
Upon subscription, loading the card is 10€ minimum.
The system temporarily blocks access to the service if the account is less than 0€.

Reloading passes is performed by 10€:

   - in C.vélo shop by all modes of payment (cash, check, credit card)

   - by credit card via the website, automatic terminals equipped with a banking card reader (BC) or interactive voice server (IVS).

Occasional use

   - 1 day ticket: 1€ then 1€ per half hour of use.

   - 7 days ticket: 5€ then 1€ per half hour of use.

The settlement of the amount due by the user intervenes once the expiry of the validity period (Day ticket: 24h consecutive - Week ticket: 7 days consecutive days), out of the bank account linked to the bank card the customer used when subscribing to the service.

The deposit

When accessing the C.vélo service, a deposit of the amount of 150€ per bike is requested. This deposit will be charged if you are not returning your bike C.vélo within 24 hours. Warning: bad return of your bike in a C.vélo station is considered a non-return and causes the cashing of your deposit. Other cases may cause a total or partial cashing of the deposit: C.vélo bike damage, misuse, any breach of the general conditions of access and use.

Long term rental

What is long term rental?

The C.vélo long term rental allows you to rent a bike on 1 day, 1 weekend, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. You keep it with you throughout the rental period until it is returned. 100 classic bikes or electric assistance and are available at the C.vélo agency.

How to long-term rent a C.vélo bike?

Go to the C.vélo agency, 1 avenue d'Italie, 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND. Open Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm, Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

C.vélo long-term fares




week-end (Sat-Sun)

7 days

1 month

6 months

12 months

Classic bikes

full price

5 €

8 €

12 €

25 €

90 €

144 €

reduced price*

6 €

9 €

20 €

60 €

84 €

Electric bikes

full price

10 €

15 €

24 €

50 €



reduced price*

12 €

20 €

42 €

*reduced price: - 26 y.o., students, job applicants, + 65 y.o., T2C subscribers, TANDEM subscribers, PDE employee


Think about securing your C.vélo bike

To guard against theft, remember to attach your bike C.vélo when parking.


Links for more information : and

Find us on: Facebook et Twitter

Air Transport

Transport aérien

Choose your airport

Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne airport

Aéroport Clermont

It serves especially the following destinations:

Flights all year round or seasonally to

  • Lyon
  • Nice
  • Paris Orly
  • Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle
  • Porto
  • Amsterdam
  • Bastia, Figari, Ajaccio
  • London

Plus many "holiday" flights each year (Spain, Greece, Malta, Italy ...)

More informations:

Le Puy en Velay Loudes airport

Aéroport Puy en Velay

Le Puy - Paris Orly line

2 return trips each day Monday to Friday:

Flight n°





UD 450

06:30 am

07:00 am

08:10 am

 Monday to Friday

UD 454

04:50 pm

05:15 pm

06:25 pm

 Monday to Friday

* HLE : limit hour to check-in

For more informations:

Aurillac - Tronquières airport

Aurillac - Paris Orly line

2 return trips each day Monday to Friday and 1 return trip on Sunday:

Aurillac - Paris

Flight n°




A5 230

07:05 am

08:30 am

 Monday to Friday

A5 234

06:10 pm

07:35 pm

 Everyday except Saturday

Paris - Aurillac

Flight n°




A5 231

08:55 am

10:15 am

 Monday to Friday

A5 235

08:05 pm

09:25 pm

 Everyday except Saturday

For more informations:


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